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Product Name:MoneyPro
Product Code:SW1
Product description:

What is MoneyPro?

MoneyPro is a complete management software developed for Money Changers in Malaysia. MoneyPro allows you to record all your daily buying and selling of foreign currencies in a simple way. It is a very user friendly program and no prior computer knowledge is required. MoneyPro generates all the relevant reports required by Bank Negara Malaysia automatically and it has built in accounting features to print out the accounting reports for your auditors. MoneyPro is also continuously upgraded to include new reporting requirements as and when required by Bank Negara Malaysia. It has all the necessary compliance and RBA checks as required by the governing authorities.

MoneyPro Versions:

MoneyPro is available in Web based online version (for Money Changers with brancehes) and Stand alone versions.


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SW1 -MoneyPro